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Why Brand Stories is important in Branding ?

Stories, are one of the most important elements in the digital marketing. Because human mind is intrigued by stories, which helps it remember better, and gain its attention as well as focus better. A brand story is a concise tale that incorporates the facts and emotions that the brand creates (or business, if you prefer). Unlike conventional ads, which is about displaying and telling the brand, an emotional response must be motivated by a story.Your name, price, history, consistency, marketing, in-store experience, intent, beliefs, place and, most crucially, what other people feel about you are factors that will impact your brand. While brand storytelling has been around for a long time, its recently realized popularity is, I guess, strongly related to the growth of social media and to the very public brand discussions and brand encounters that social media makes possible.For starters, marketing blogs are riddled with instances of how brands have stumbled poorly on Twitter or Facebook. And this becomes part of the narrative of a company.

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Why Weareaddictives
are best in Brand Stories Strategies.

The team behind weareaddictives have had years of fortunate experiences alongside some of the leading brands of all time, which in return has offered it with depth knowledge of the marketing industry. This helps in planning a strategy most effective, and thereby increasing audience reach. Having said that, we believe that stories are the most effective way to reach and touch the audience’s hearts. With our brand stories, we make sure that your brand reaches all across the globe.

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