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Three Rules for Intuitive UX

Why Color Palette is important in Branding ?

A company color palette is a vital component in establishing a good corporate identity.In the logo, website design and more, the colours you use to reflect your company will help to define the distinguishing elements of your brand and make you more visible to your fans and clients. The crucial thing to remember here is that it takes time, focus and creativity to figure out how to create a color palette that's perfect for your brand. There are no specific rules for choosing the correct brand colors, and there is always a chance that by coloring outside of the lines and going against the rules of color theory, you will get better results.Knowing the impact of color on consumer behavior will help your brand become a success, whether you have decided to branch out of a business and start your own business, or are launching a game-changing new startup.

Latest Color Palette Blogs

Why Weareaddictives
are best in Color Palette Strategies.

Weareaddictives and its team have had years of fruitful experience in the industry, and this in return has offered it with great learnings, and mastery over the marketing techniques. One of the crucial sectors in digital marketing lies in color palette, which though subconsciously, helps in influencing the mood of the audience. As obvious it can be, it is surely important to make sure that the entire visual elements are aesthetic, but more than that, as studies have shown, it also influences the mood. And thus, we make sure that the strategies for this, is the best.

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