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Three Rules for Intuitive UX

Why Web Apps is important in Mobile Application Development ?

Web applications are not actual applications; they are truly websites that look and sound like native applications in certain respects, but are not applied as such. A plugin runs them and they are usually written in HTML5.Users first view them like they will access every web page: they browse to a special URL and then have the option of making a bookmark for that page to "install" them on their home screen.Mobile Apps are essentially Internet-enabled software that can be accessed through the Web browser of a mobile computer. In order to use it, users don't have to download and update the software on a mobile device. The software is written in HTML and CSS as web pages, with Jquery, JavaScript or related languages as interactive sections.

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Why Weareaddictives
are best in Web Apps Strategies.

Weareaddictives have had a long and successful years of experience with its professionals getting a chance to work alongside some of the leading brands of all time. This has also given us a chance to look in depth to the functioning of the technical aspects of the web apps, as we know and understand its importance.When HTML5 came along and people discovered that they could get native-like features in the browser, web apps became very popular. The difference between mobile apps and standard web pages has been blurred today, as more and more sites use HTML5.

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