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Three Rules for Intuitive UX

Why Keyword Targeting is important in Search Engine Optimization ?

Keywords are like a golden gem inside a box of coins. They look alike with the rest of the partners, but their value is more, as they determine your company’s reach to a broader audience. To achieve a top listing in search engines, keyword marketing uses keywords specific to the product or service on the website and ad copy. Proper keyword analysis is important for deciding which keywords to be pursued by your organization.A search engine results page exists in both paying ads and organic listings whenever a user types in a keyword(s) in Google. If the user clicks on the organic listing result and goes to the webpage, the display ad will be seen if it has an ad widget.Or, let's say, they didn't start with a Google search, but went to a website containing the keywords you want to target. Again, your ad could be seen if that website has an ad widget.

Latest Keyword Targeting Blogs

Why Weareaddictives
are best in Keyword Targeting Strategies.

With its years of successful experience, the team behind weareaddictives have had the opportunity to witness and learn working alongside some of the leading companies all across the globe. This has helped in getting a deeper insight into the importance of keywords in today’s digital marketing world. As this helps rank your company website effectively and makes it reach to a wider range of audience.

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